Viewbase - Different colours, linetypes, lineweights etc inside viewports

Dear Bricscad and Forum!

I made a 3D model for a small piping modification.
In the model psace i made 3 layer which is grey for architecture, black thin line for the existing piping, and bold lines for the parts which are modified.

If i use the viewbase command the viewports all the same colour and linetype, lineweight which shows the existing new part, architectrue the same way.

Is there an easy way to, like some plotting setup or something, to show the difference? Otherwise i can't show the modified parts and the change of existing parts.

Thank you for your help,
Orosz Robert


  • What I do is create the same view two or three times but with different things turned off and on then move them apart and then double click into each one and change the colour of each bmvisible layer. Then I place them on top of each other. It's not the best, especially as I don't think you can choose which ends up on top.
  • I now have a workaround, if you select the views and in the Properties tab change Geometry to 3D and set the Visual Styel and Shade Plot to Hidden, it will print the colours like in the Model.
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