Properties panel font size and background color

Evaluating v22 here. I find that the properties and the parameter panels are a bit difficult to read.

One issue is the black background. I know that is what many people like, but white backgrounds do have better visibility because you don't see glare from what is behind you reflected in the monitor. Also, to me, the ghosted values are too dark against the black for good visibility. Finally, the font is a bit on the small side for me.

I did a search in help, but didn't see anything, except for one forum note that said changing the monitor DPI scaling was an approach. I did figure out that this is a Windows setting for the display, and did change it to 125%, which did change the font size of the properties window. Though, it also changes many of the other panels to be larger than I prefer, even with the icons set to small.

I see nothing about the background color of the properties window. Can this be changed?



  • The COLORTHEME system variable changes background color.
  • Thank you for the COLORTHEME info. I think I spent around an hour trying to make these panels more visible, and couldn't find the right setting. It takes human beings to help human beings
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