New attachments panel not working correctly

When using the insert option to import xref drawings from the new attachments panel the attached drawings remain faded as if still xrefed, and regenerating and reopening the drawing file does not correct the situation. But when performing same operations using the legacy attachments panel it works correctly...


  • Hi, I wasn't able to reproduce this in the latest V22.2.04. Are there any prompts in the command line that xref is not inserted? Does it happen with all xrefs or some special? If this happens with some specific xref, it would be helpful to create a support request with all related files, so it could be checked by support team:
  • Thanks for the response.
    There are no prompts about xrefs not being inserted, the command works normally, it's just that the inserted entities still show faded as if still xrefed. I'll try other xrefs to see the outcome.
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