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I am having difficulty using the online help. Specifically, when I search for a number of words, it will generate a list of help articles that do not have all the words I searched for. So, it seems to assume a logical OR for the search terms. Is there a way to make it an AND list that has all of my search terms?



  • Note that adding a + in front of each search term has no effect.
  • Tried "quotes for a particular phrase"?
  • Quotes have no effect.
  • Joe, I often see a similar problem in my Google searches. For example, today I googled "list of hybrid cars -best," and despite my attempt to get away from people's opinions on which ones are best and just get a complete list, most of the results had "best" in the title.

    In Bricscad's online help, I use the topics listed on the left, which start out with a program or other general topic, and then get more specific, like "Blocks, attributes, external references and components," and then even more specific, like "Fuzzy insert guided workflow." Farther down on the left, below the programs, there's a command reference and a system variable reference, which is what I'm usually after.
  • The "-" operator seems to be working for me on Google. I've always used the Boolean search tools on Google quite regularly. And any search engine that doesn't feature this sort of thing tends to be useless to me.
  • I wonder whether we'll ever see a decent set of off-line (PDF) help files again?
  • I wonder if there are any tools designed for PDFs, to allow some complex searches.

    Decades ago, I think it may have been Gopher, that allowed you to search the internet for words that were near each other. A weakness of PDFs is that they are continuous documents, whereas the BricsCAD online document is broken up in to specific commands or articles. Theoretically, if Bricsys' web page permitted AND searches, it would just bring up specific commands with both words. But the NEAR option may compensate and permit searching PDF for the right command.
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