How to find what is overconstrained in a parametric drawing?

I have a warning in v22, that I am running as Pro level. "Warning: This constraint introduced overconstraining...".

BricsCAD seems to know which constraint it is, since it is saying "this". The issues is that it isn't showing me which one "this" is.

Note that this appeared a while ago, and I just didn't notice it at the time it occurred. And I know I have restarted BricsCAD since it 1st appeared. I had hoped it might be flagged in the Mechanical browser window, but no success there.

Any ideas about finding the "this"?


  • I am still frustrated by this. I have been deleting various objects and constraints, in hope of tracking down the problem constraint. And again, the "this" constraint that BricsCAD knows about, is something it is keeping secret.

    In further experimenting, with deliberately making an over constrained drawing, the "over constraining" pop-up shows up as soon as the drawing is over constrained. But it does not go away when you remove the constraint that triggered it. Closing the drawing, and then reopening it, does make it go away.

    I believe there is a command to cause BricsCAD to recalculate all the parametric constraints. It is not redraw or regenerate or recalculate. I cannot find it in the help file (I wish it was possible to do an "AND" search of words).

    Can someone please remind me of that command?
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