Add Block attributes between standard words

This is probably a stupid question but I will ask it anyway :-)

When you have attributes in a block is there any way that the text you type in can be between existing words?

For example: Car B does 167 miles per hour.

So Car is an existing word and B is added when the block is inserted and also 167 is also added.

As at present (if I am using blocks with attributes correctly) you have to type the whole thing each time, which in some cases can be time-consuming once you have done it a few times.

Told you it was a silly question :-)


  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited June 28
    Just leave enough blank space in the Text or Mtext entity, and place an Attribute entity in that space. In your example, I would think one Mtext and two Attributes would do.

    If the Attribute's value may vary as to how much space it needs (e.g. BB instead of B, or 67 instead of 167), you'll have to leave enough room for the longest value expected.
  • Why not create more attributes and change only the ones you want to be changed.
  • Using lisp for insert you can strcat ie join words so Car x does Y miles/hr.

    You can auto say x=x+1

    If supply more detail what it is your doing may be able to put something together.
  • I think you can use fields inserted in MTexts to query the corresponding properties from the blocks
    edited July 23
    yes can use fields for say get attribute values can even do add multi attributes or say X*Y as in area. But gets complicated making.
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