could I work OFFLINE?

Could I use BricsCAD without neet to "LOGGING IN"?

I have no Internet connection at present.
When starting BricsCAD, I am asked to "log in", which I can not do due to no access to Internet.
My workabout is to get mobile phone tethering allowance and log in using that access to Internet.
My preference would be to log in to the software without need for any Internet access. After all I "own" the licence to use the software.

Is it possible? Is it licensing issue to start with or something that I thicked a box for when installing the software?


  • It depends on the licence model you have.
    If you have a perpetual licence then you only need to activate once and then its linked the pc you are working on. Atleast I don't need internet to start my Bricscad. But if you have a subscription or a network licence its a different story.
  • Marcin
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    Thank you a lot.

    MY CASE: perpetual license.

    RESOLUTION: pressing escape on keyboard.

    Indeed, all I need to do is to press "escape" on my keyboard. (A little unfortune that there is no "escape" on the window that appears on the screen.
    The challange, I faced was/is: I never had a "login" request when I was working on a Internet-connected computer. It was a surpise to find such a window, when I went off-line with my computer.
    What is behind, I understand is: When installing BricsCAD I was asked if I want to submit activity of my installation instance (I guess: perhaps some automatic bug reports etc). I was sure it may only help with the software development (or at least indicate that there are people using BricsCAD on LINUX), so I subscribed to the option to (automatically) log-in each time I use BricsCAD.

    Now I see, I can simply press escape on my keyboard to keep using BricsCAD as ever before. (i.e. no need to connect to tethering on my phone, to initiate software, what I thought is the case).

    All the Best,
  • Potentially it is because you have diagnostics and usage data collection on

    If you don't want to use it , in SETTINGS change DATACOLLECTION = 0, then re-start BricsCAD.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V22 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts
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