DCL file does not load and throws error

Every time I load a drawing in bricscad I get an error message:
error : LOAD failed: 'AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$DRa26008.40300/DrawMan.des'' - this must be because I initially loaded it from a RAR file. It is in fact a file with a *.DES file name extension. It loads perfectly well if I drag it out of my bricscad dir in file explorer and drop it in a drawing.
Thing is I can't find where it is in any of the customization files so I don't know how to stop it trying to load or how to set the right file link to it. The load command only seems to relate to SHX files, and it doesn't show up in appload dialog. It is not a fatal error (except the app doesn't load, obviously)
Any ideas?


  • If you do Appload the des file should be there as a load on startup.
  • Hello,
    if that file is not in APPLOAD dialog, please check the on_start.lsp + on_doc_load.lsp files ...
    you might check with (findfile "on_startl.lsp") and (findfile "on_doc_load.lsp") to identify those where those files are located (if any are present) - if so, check whether there is a (load "DrawMan.des") included, with or without path specification.

    If neither helps, then there are possibilities for Registry-based DemandLoading ... for that, use regedit.exe, and let it search for "DrawMan.des" ... if found, you can remove its key/value.

    many greetings !
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