Textures issue with imported SketchUp models

For a while now I noticed that when working on files where I import SketchUp models the textures at a point stop displaying, leaving only the material color. It took a while to find out that the this happens after I run the purge all command. Pls I'd like to know if this is normal, and if not how to correct this behaviour. Thanks.


  • Hello Jtlive,
    When importing files from other CAD formats only the Geometric information is always carried over.
    Depending on the CAD format in question some other information might be carried over (colors or assembly information for example). The textures you use in SketchUp are not carried over.
    If you want your models in Bricscad to have a texture you will need to apply it again from the available library textures (or make a new one yourself).
  • Thanks for the response. But I'm curious why they display initially after import and only revert back to colors after running the purge command...
  • Hello Jtlive, sorry for the late reply.
    That is curious indeed, that would imply that they are carried over. Could you share a file where this is the case?
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