Published text not seen/printed

Hi all -

Publishing layouts via PUBLISH command >>
'Layer Information' is set to 'Don't Use Layers'.
'TrueType Text' is set to 'As Text' (and not 'As Geometry).

After publishing the layouts -
Opening the PDF in MY pdf Viewer - Foxit Reader - all is good.
Others who open it in their Adobe Acrobat Reader - are missing certain texts in the drawing.
Sending the PDFs to plot in an external agency - those "missing" fonts are not PRINTED, as well.

Is anybody familiar with this issue and can lighten me up ?



  • @Assaf Ben-Nun
    Could you attach the DWG & PDF, so we can have a look?

    If it is sensitive could you create a drawing that exhibits the same issues and attach that?
  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited November 8
    Which version of Acrobat are those others using? I ask because I have an old version of Acrobat that sometimes omits things that are visible in my newer versions of Foxit and Nitro.

    That applies to PDF files I get from others. I haven't experienced it yet with PDF files I create in Bricscad, but perhaps only because my version of Bricscad is old too.
  • There is an issue I had with text when opening the PDF in Illustrator (another Adobe product), whereby depending on the size of the text as you increase the DPI of the PDF, text starts to disappear.

    I had been providing PDFs to Graphics people for years completely ignorant of the fact that half my text was missing, (people couldn't tell me it was missing as they had nothing to compare the PDF with).

    As I say I discovered through trial and error it was the DPI of the PDF Bricscad created that the higher the DPI went the more text disappeared.

    So I now produce my PDFs at 300dpi and this seems to have solved the problem for me.

    It might be worth trying this to see if it makes any difference for you.
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