Delete thread please.

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Delete thread please. Sorry to take up space. Due to circumstances, I will not be able to afford this software for quite some time.


  • Michael Mayer
    edited January 23
    I'm not sure.

    Well, the (Autocad-like) 2D stuff is the same for Bricscad BIM. So getting used to
    it does not hurt. But you may not need to use it that extensively in BIM, as you
    want to get your Plans "generated".
    And you are already comfortable with Shape - so you already learned all (great)
    Bricscad 3D Direct Modeling from Bricscad Pro and BIM.
    I think the additional "BIM" Basics part of Bricscad BIM is not hard to learn, you just
    need to get used to its Bricscad's Workflows.

    So if you want to do Architectural (?) BIM Models,
    "generated" Plans (in the best case) and Renderings,
    you will very likely want to have the Bricscad BIM version.
    (You can upgrade your Bricscad from Lite until Ultimate at any time. If you later
    decide you could profit from any of the mechanical features of Ultimate)

    So I would concentrate on learning and testing the BIM version.
    The BIM tagging, BIMIFY, Modeling is relatively easy for me. AI Tools like Propagate(s)
    are a bit more complicated to get used to. And finally to understand how to get control
    over your generated Plans is a bit harder to get into for me personally.
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