Can't Fillet an Edge

I have been struggling to get a sofa frame designed. The issue I faced for two days, was not being able to make a curved arm, which is curved in the Z axis (top down view, it is curved) and at the same time, is 8" higher in the back than in the front. When I try to sweep, it makes the new solid not vertical.
I found that by creating a surface out of my original spline, then thickening, I fixed the overall shape, but now I can't Fillet the inner edge of the shape. Any ideas on why it won't Fillet?


  • Not sure why that won't fillet.
    Instead of sweep, can you take a diagonal slice out of a hollow half cylinder?

  • Interesting option, thank you. I will mess around with that idea
  • Hi Newton
    Try lofting between two cross sections using the Path option. Fillet the cross sections in the first instance to avoid filleting the solid which is much more processor intensive for your computer. Using joined (closed) lines as cross sections rather than regions is advised as Bricscad does not like mixing regions and lines/splines in lofting or sweeping.
    Sweeping the section will tend to revolve it along its path.
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