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I recently pre-processed some Pointcloud files. These are now in my cache folder on my hard-drive. Can I move or copy these to the company server-location, so my colleagues can work on the drawing with the attached pre-processed files? Or should they start all over with the original files and do the procedure all over again?

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  • rcp files are the native pointcloud format for recap (autocad) so it's normal that you can open the files there instantly.
    Copying BricsCAD cache folders between PCs should not be an issue, so I'm not sure what is going wrong in your case. If you still want to pursue this, I suggest you create a support request so our support team can guide you step by step.


  • You can copy the cache folder to any other destination and use the processed pointclouds.
  • OK. Let's try that.
  • No, that didn't work. I've put my local cache folder on the server location, but we could not attach anything.
  • you also need to make sure that your cache folder is set correctly in the settings so you can see the available pointclouds.
  • We did that, but no succes. We also lost the cache data on the server and my internal hard drive. Maybe BricsCAD isn't the ideal program to deal with those large .rcp-files. I needed around 15 minutes to pre-process the data and the quality was not that superb. My colleague downloaded a trial version of ReCap Pro. She opened the same data within a few seconds and the result on the screen was mucht better.
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