access to points in point cloud


I'm useing BricsCAD Pro v22

I have created a point cloud reference (from an .e57 file) in Bricscad. Worked well. But this is an object "point cloud".
I need the single points from the point cloud for further processing of the surface (tin meshing). I need access to the information (x,y,z) of individual points and I want to set/draw my own "point" on a cloud point. Unfortunately, the object snap does not work either, because the point cloud is still present as an "object".
1. is it possible to resolve the point cloud into individual, independent points?

Other way for me ... the point cloud can be exported into a binary *.pts file. However, there are far too many points in the file at the end.

2. is there a filter option for *.pts export, for example you can export only 50% of points?

Thanks for helping.


  • It is not possible to resolve the point cloud into individual points. However snapping to individual points is possible, just make sure that 3D snapping and "Pointcloud nearest point" are on in the settings.

    It is not possible to export a subsample of the points, however if you crop part of the pointcloud, you can export only the visible parts.
  • OK, thanks for your post. You've helped me with this. It's a pity is there no point filter for export. There is, but probably in special point cloud software.
  • You're welcome.
    If you are using BricsCAD civil for creating TIN, I know there are options to use a subsample of points in a pointcloud. Unfortunately I'm not an expert in the civil tools to help you further.
  • Thank you.
    Yes, I'm trying with civil ... but just too much points. first I have to reduce the points, then draw fraction edges and then civil comes ...
  • Hi,
    creating a TIN based on pointcloud should automatically give you the option to filter points. At least in recent Bricscad versions.
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