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  • Hi Murray, This function is still there in V21.2.01-V21.2.02. Make sure your Editor option in the View tab of the Drawing Explorer is turned ON. See image attached. Kind regards, Chi-Yan
  • Hi João, Currently, it is not possible in BricsCAD to combine custom properties with Values, you can only use Core quantities in Value Formulas. If this is an important feature for you, please file a support request to possibly give it a higher pr…
  • Hi Penelelop, It is hard to tell why this issue occurs. Can you please file a support request so our developers can have a closer look? Kind regards, Chi-Yan
  • Hi Michael, To elaborate more on your question, it is indeed better to split up big models and use Xreferences to improve performance, this is explained a little bit more in the conference video: I'm …
  • Hi March, It is hard to tell why this issue occurs just from this error message. Can you please file a support request so our developers can have a closer look? Kind regards, Chi-Yan
  • Hi Ian, Point Clouds in V21 has improved a lot compared to V20, with a lot of newly added features as well. If you work with point clouds often, I would recommend you to upgrade. For more information on Point Clouds in V21: But for now, in V20 th…
  • Hi Ian, In BricsCAD V21, you can directly attach point clouds with .e57 file format, no need to convert this to .pts if you still have the same issue, try setting POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX higher (value=6 000 000 maybe?) and try turning POINTCLOUDADAPTI…
  • Hi, After placing components, you should be able to move them. Could you attach the dwg-file with the BIM window in question? You can select all the doors and use the BMREPLACE ( co…
  • Hi, When creating this BIM component, did you use a separate 'BC_SUBTRACT' layer? When inserting the component, did you use BMINSERT? More information about the Subtraction layer:…
  • Hi Paul, You can use Boundary selection (setting SELECTIONMODES=4) for this and EXTRUDE your 2D drawing to create your 3D solid. Note that one of your holes in 2D was not fully closed (see video in attachment). More information on Boundary Detect…
  • Hi, I got it to work when I changed the selection order: instead of selecting from top to bottom, try to select the rectangles from bottom to top. What you also can do if you want to change the height of your object is to select the surfaces of th…
    in Lofting Issues Comment by Chiyan March 5
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper and involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding.

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