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Lars Karlsson


Lars Karlsson
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  • Finally the last requested feature is added to BricsTurn. Plot swept envelope is now available as an option. Download and update here:
  • Update available for BricsTurn! Fixed: Minor bug, the vehicle could stop before max angle was reached. New: Lock to lock speed. The minimum radius is back! Now with some explanation in the helpfile New: Enhanced color and layer settings for output …
  • Hi! Yes, BricsTurn runs in Bricscad V11 as it is right now. There will be an upadate in january 2011, I've added some new things and corrected a bug. I'll post a message in this thread when it's available for download. /Lars
  • Hi! Porting CadTools to Bricscad?  Yes it has crossed my mind but there is lot of work. Although I'm using the COM object there are some differences between AutoCAD and Bricscad and some of the functionality of AutoCAD is missing in Bricscads COM o…
  • I've decide to change BricTurn into a freeware. If you already have installed BricsTurn please download the latest update to skip the registration process. Download page:
  • Hi, guys! Easiest way to use BricsTurn is to draw a polyline with arcs in the first place, you could also use the fillet to create a path of a couple of lines. The label (Min Turning Radius) to the right under the vehicle image gives a hint about …
  • BricsTurn (Vehicle Turning Simulations)  is now available. You'll find it here:
  • Ok, I’ve decided to develop a Bricscad version of CadTools Vehicle Turning command. I’m planning to release it in a couple of weeks or so.   /Lars
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper and involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding.

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