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  • I can't get mine to work and can't install the 3dConnexion drivers.....given up trying to find a solution.
  • I created a support ticket asking when v20 would be available and they sent a beta link download.
  • I am forced to use Vault at my current workplace, its dreadful, clunky and a complete PITA! I avoid all Awfuldesk software for many reasons. M-Files is a good alternative document management software and I have used that extensively with CAD packag…
  • I'm struggling with this also, i can't even get to work. You would think 3DConnexion would make this easier !? I'm going to ask them for any advise.
  • Thanks Michael, I used Font Manager from software manager and installed all the windows fonts which worked great! Next task is to install the 3D connexion drivers for my space navigator......
  • @hans fredholm said: An imported PDF drawing A2 size makes work very slow! Is there a way to simplify the regeneration of the PDF to make work go faster? I have noticed this a lot and would be interested to know of any solutions because I us…
  • Or is there a way to select a nested part within an assembly using the View Base command. I can only choose the top level file ?
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