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  • Hi Kelluck,
    In bricscad you have indeed standard/name/size. What do you want to achieve, showing IPE200 in a tag on a sheet? This is possible by showing only the name and the size. And in v22 we introduce the use of field to create tags. Th…

  • Hi Conham,
    there are several ways to achieve this.

    • You could work with volume sections that define a certain zone to be taken into account. Set this property on 'State' in the 'Section Entity' section of the properties panel wh…
  • Hi Maurilio,
    If you want to regularly want to import a model for coordination you can do this by importing the IFC file as an Xref. You first import the IFC model in an empty drawing and then use this drawing as an Xref in your model. You c…

  • Hi Fossa,
    an easy workaround is to copy paste a bim entity from the model with the propertysets you want to the model where you want the same propertysets.

    Once the entity is copied, the propertyset will be in the new model and you …

  • Hello,
    There will be substantial improvements to create as built models from point clouds in our next release. This will be shown on our digital summit October 26th. You can register for free:
    in Setting Up for Residential As-Builts Scan to BIM Comment by Piet September 1

  • Hi,
    when a section is generated it will take into account the model origin. The section resultblock in model space of the d drawing will have an insertion point that corresponds to the model origin.
    The sections resultblocks are plac…

  • Hi João,
    you can refer to any property in tags, also the custom made properties and quantities.
    see https://help.brics…

  • Hi,
    I created a script as proof of concept a while back, it is a mix of vba and LISP,

    • it allows reading all available properties in a drawing by selecting one element.
    • Then you can create a 'template' in excel with the…
  • Hi,
    There is no automatic way to do this but it should be possible with Lisp. With Lisp you can read text files (export in excel as csv).
    To use bim features in LISP you need to load it in the beginning of the script
    you can use…

  • Hi Hans,
    the name section is used in several other applications and is also the name of the entity in dwg (SECTIONOBJECT in dxf code). The naming you are referring to is stored in the 'sectiontype' parameter and is automatically applied aft…

  • Hi Nick,
    HLR means Hidden Line Removal. I never had this error. You could try to look and fix for errors in the model with the DMAudit command. If this doesn't work please create a support request and attach you drawing.

    kind regard…

  • Hi Jtlive,
    When using Bimcopy, you can enter a distance with the keyboard or use the adaptive onscreen scale. In topview / orthomode it is harder to use the bimcopy command with snaps because the DUCS is not triggered. If DUCS is not activa…

  • Hi Nick,
    if you want to model in topview in a fixed plane you can create a UCS in this plane and the set snap setting 'ignore entity snap elevation' on. This will force all snapping to this plane. There is a quick, temporary way too, with D…

    in Parametric walls? Comment by Piet June 7
  • Hi Fossa,
    Bricscad doesn't support Recap regions.
    Besides regular crop and sections we recently introduced CROPSOLID, where any extrusion can be used as a crop that can be turned on and off. Maybe this can help you in controlling par…

    in RCP Regions??? Comment by Piet May 17
  • hi João,
    1. Sheetset setup will only work when sections are defined
    2. There is no commandline command for the project browser. When a commandline version is available, the command is prompted there (even when triggered from menu or r…

  • Hi,
    it is not necessary to set the layer current to change it's properties.
    When I paste this code in the command line, the color of layer '0' is changed to white, even if it was another color and it was not active.

    (setq C1 7…

  • Hi,
    did you use the Intensity/spectrum option?
    Also the coloring should depend on the cropping (both with crops and sections), maybe this can help.

  • Hi Tom,
    the points of the pointcloud will behave as other geometry. They will be occluded by solids if they are 'behind' it. This is in the modelview when viewing and printing.

    For parallel views you can generate a raster image and…

  • Hi Hans this is indeed not possible with the same sectionblock. A new section on another scale has to be made to obtain this.

  • (Quote)

    what exactly do you want to achieve? The hatch scale is set by the section scale so 2 sections with a different scale on one layout should have the same hatch appearance.

  • When an IFC export is opened in Solibri a length factor is shown, so the parameter should be there somewhere I guess.

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