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  • Michael Im pretty sure its the UCS orthographic check box under user coordinate system in settings. Cheers Muzz
  • Roy Thanks for reply. I thought post hadnt gone thru as it said I didnt have permission to add pdf? I had previously used 1x1 for centre atrium windows 3600h ard 750w by editing height and width and depth, even teaking same window for two smaller …
  • Michael Having to generate a typical floor plan on 8 storey refurb. project in Auckland and we are a bit ahead of the architect before modelling HVAC ductwork/pipework. Been on site and measured up beams etc and initially had no problem putting in…
  • I did like the camera function in autocad whereby you could double click on camera icon and it automatically generated separate view and by dragging icon you could investigate model much like a walk through or fly through in real time.
  • Louis I noticed that when I had previously gone into BIM/FLOW FITTING PARAMETERS over the last month or so that a drop down menu appeared giving radius/tangent straights/absolute values but until I put FLOW FITTINGS into search box the drop down me…
  • Definitely feeling unloved by Bricscad re HVAC modelling. I can only find one basic example of ductwork/bimdrag on site and u-tube. Only through trial and error have i been able to find that radius bends/transitions are inherent within HVAC modile…
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper and involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding.

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