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Chris Peachment


Chris Peachment
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  • I use 32bit Bricscad on 32 bit Debian quite happily. For all my other work there is no reason to move to 64 bit and there are machine requirements reason to avoid it: memory and storage requirements increase for a negligible increase in processing s…
  • Post #1 instructions work for Debian 7 as well. Downgrade is to 1.0.1e-2+deb7u13 I'm not sure what other implications there are for Debian. My version of Skype was not included in the deletion list and does appear to work correctly.
  • [quote] @Clemens HAUPT: For being forced to install ubuntu with Gnome i'd like to ask if there are efforts to make it possible to use Bricscad on a machine with Debian stable and KDE. I really don't like that gnome, for my point of…
  • [quote] @Keith Frost:  set "QAFLAGS (0 to 32767) :' enter '16384'".    [/quote]  set "QAFLAGS (0 to 32767) :' enter '0' worked for me. This will avoid display of the menu creation diagnostic pop ups. I'm…
  • [quote] @Keith Frost: first impressions of 12.1.14-1 are pretty good.   downside: [snip]  I still don't get a text menu across the top unless i go into customize.  /quote] There appears to be a thread timing issue during start up.…
  • I have been using both 11.3.8-1 and 11.3.13-1 beta on Ubuntu 11.04 successfully. My processor is an Intel Atom D510 with  integrated video. You will need to supply more detail about your computer before  further help/advice is possible.
  • Ask and ye shall receive :-) Well, I asked and have now received. I see that version 11.3.13 beta is now available. Thank you.  
  • @john:Yes, I am on 64bit Gentoo, of course I am. Its 2011, 32bit is a thing of the past unless you're running on an Atom and I don't think to many people will be getting atom based machines to do CAD on. I beg to differ. I have an Intel Atom D510 m…
  • +1 Even with a dozen layers it can be a burden to off all but the one or two of interest.  
  • @Denis: > Tell, what programs at you are installed? In "naked" system all works. And this problem not in options /home. > What version at you Ubuntu? Netbook edition? My computer is an ultra quiet (no fan) Intel motherboard running the Atom…
  • Based on the reply to a support request I submitted, you can use the command line instruction 'cui' followed by clicking on 'Revert to defaults...' and this will cause a redisplay of the menu. Unfortunately this instruction is not retained after e…
  • @Andrey Didencool: Test load of existing dwg2010 file printed from model space correctly. Selection of File-Print or File-Page Setup for a new drawing caused a crash. Sometimes File-Close with just one drawing open will cause a crash also.  
  • Quick test after installation shows the crash problem has been fixed for me (on Ubuntu UNE 10.04 32 bit running on Intel Atom D510MO motherboard). Thanks.
  • I would usually submit a support request but many others are reporting similar crashes here. I am trying to use 10.6.1-3 on Ubuntu UNE 10.04 32 bit on an Intel Atom D510MO motherboard with 2 GO RAM. The Atom cpu seems to cause strange behaviour wit…
  • The previous two betas and earlier alphas were time limited to the end of a month so the effect was the same.
  • I asked the same question by direct email before buying my license for MS-Windows XP, and I received this response: [UTC 08:38 2009-10-14] EW: We do not sell products that are not released. But we promise a low cost migration path from Windows to L…
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper and involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding.

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