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  • I just had a play, and all I can come up with is draw an arc on the fillet line in model space, then in paper space you can dimension the arc you drew (attached)
  • @Michael Mayer Thank's, that's helpful. I'm very much Sketchup oriented still, where selecting any edge like the loop on the ends of these architrave sections you can just click hide, and that joint becomes seamless in any visual style. But from you…
  • I'm so close I can nearly touch it..! So I figured out that if I look that the sheet set "panel" on the right, it also shows the structure of the sheet set that is generated when sections are created, I see I can add a sub category here, and then r…
  • Thank you. I'v just tried starting without the config files in place, and while it starts a fresh, it sadly does not resolve the other issue in the video above. I will submit a bug report on that, and look forward to completion of the dark mode.
  • Here's a short video showing an example of the secondary window UI issues as well:
  • @Tiemen Thank you. I knew it would a simple one to toggle on a section by section basis (I was looking wrongly at layers). Also thanks for the heads up on the Supportfolder. I'm just a few days in, and trying to soak as much up as possible.
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper and involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding.

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