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  • As far as I am aware, currently there is only a tool to bend sheet metal parts (smBend), but no general direct modelling tool for bending. I would recommend to create a support request for this feature. It will help us to understand the requirements…
  • In fact, it should be possible to change sizes/types and length during insertion using the Properties panel. It will have a special section called "Inserted component properties" with "PartNumber", "Size" and "Length" fields. Those fields have drop-…
  • Could you please describe the action you performed to get the hierarchical BoM? I've just checked with the BricsCAD V19.1.06 (x64), and the hierarchical BoM was available. To add it, I launched BMBOM command and selected Hierarchical option. It shou…
  • There is the Hierarchical type of Bill of Materials included in BricsCAD V19 Mechanical. In this mode, all components grouped by subassembly, and each component has a serial number clearly indicated which subassembly it belongs too. Hope this mode…
  • We are in process of updating help for V19 on the website, so yes, there will be a description of THREADDISPLAY option (as well as of many other new things and improvements) in the help section of the website. I can't tell you the exact date but it …
  • Hello Eric, About standard parts, you can use "Thread representation" (THREADDISPLAY) setting to control the appearance of threads for standard parts (accessible via Settings dialog and command line). Set it to On, then insert a standard part from …
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper and involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding.

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