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Chamfer / Fillet and new geometry

Here is another situation with trying to chamfer/fillet 2 polylines.

It's very strange. If I tryed join this, by click on point 1 and 2 - it's 2 polylines (PL) - it join this PL not correct = one extendeted / trimmed PL.

If I explode PL with point 1 to line and try chamfer line (1) with PL (2) - it works fine, but it begin one new (right) chamfered PL and one (original) line.

And at the end, if I copy this 2 PL to new empty DWG it works fine.


  • May I kindly ask to use the Bricsys Support Request pages to report errors to the development team: the Support Request system was explicitly setup for this purpose and allows us to handle issues much more efficiently than the user forum.  Thanks for your understanding.

  • Certainly. Sorry.

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