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Order of icons in toolbar a vertical undocked toolbar

1/ Is possible change order of icons in toolbar (have icons 1, 2, 3 ...etc and I want make 2, 3, 1 ...etc)? I try it change by drag and drop, or with pressed ALT or CTRL key, but no effect.


2/ I have undocked Layers toolbar, default is horizontal oriented. I want it have as vertical toolbar, but undocked. How?


  • 1/ This is currently not possible. You have to delete an item and insert a new one at the correct position. Drag and drop would indeed be a nice feature, we will add it as soon as we can.


    2/ This is also not possible. Support floating toolbars with multiple rows is on our todo list, so then a vertical floating toolbar will be supported as well.

  • Thanks.


    1/ I open CUI directly in text editor and change it here.

  • 2/ used to work in ver6 !   (FYI)

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