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V9 pro where to download?

I own two bricscad V9 pro licences.
Last year they updated the version with lots of bugs.
Unfortunatly I was unable to revert to the previous versions.
I sended a bug request.
Bricscad team told me they would solve it until the end of the last year.
They didnt and I can only download V10. Unfortunatly my licence is for V9.



PS.: For those that want to know more about bricscad "support from day one" here are my e-mails and the bricsys response:

3dconvert doesn't work anymore!
Product: Bricscad 9.3.13
Operating system: Windows Xp

Status: Fix Scheduled
Entry date: 2009-10-05
Closing date: 2009-10-06

Description (Edit)
[UTC 15:00 2009-10-05] 3dconvert is a very usefull command.
It allows bricscad users to export meshes for other programs like blender.

It worked on version 9.2.11
I updated to 9.3.13 and it doesn't work anymore.
Please help us.

P.s.: It also didnt work on version 9.3.11

[UTC 14:24 2009-10-06] AY:
The 3DCONVERT command is not realized yet with new DwgDirect library. Task DD1149 was created for it with deadline at the end this year.




  • As you can read in our release notes, a new version of the 3DCONVERT command was added in Version 10.2.3, published on November 26 last year.  That's even better than the scheduled deadline for this task, which was - as communicated - end of December 2009.

    If you don't like to upgrade to V10 for now, we'll get in touch so you can access Bricscad V9.2.





  • I apreciate the link to install older versions.

    But I have to say something more.

    Updates with problems or regressions can be considered normal in the software industry.

    Asking clients to buy new licenses just to fix updates with regressions is something completly new and shocking.

    This is even more sad when we see that the program doesn allow us to install older versions with the bug solved!

    So, unfortunaly, I have to say that bricsys didnt solved the problem yet and that can't be hidden!

    Therefore, I am still waiting for the bricsys answer with an update without regressions.

    For those who are willing to buy V10 licenses, you can watch this case and easly predict bricsys future support!





  • You have V9 license keys so you can install the V9 version of your choice.  If you have difficulties to install V9.2, the version you'd like to use, post a support request and we'll help you out.

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