intrusive prompt menu / disappearing dialog boxes

Is anyone else having difficulties with prompt menus steadfastly showing up in the middle of the drawing area ?

In the settings I've set the positioning of the prompt menu to 1 or 3, none seems to have much effect,

occasionaly a menu shows up in the top right corner but most of the time (neither does it matter where I drag them)

they appear in the middle of the screen, that's where I usually work and it's very annoying.


Or does anyone having difficulties with dialog boxes disappearing partially off the screen ? On the hatch dialog for instance,

the okcancel buttons are of the screen, I drag the box back into the screen but the next time it's partly off again. It's not

dramatic as I can use "enter" or "esc", it's more an uneasy feeling that there is something not quite right with the graphics.


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