Compile shp to shx without AC

Is there a program or utilty out there that can compile shp-files to shx? Or will this command be added to BC in the future?


  • Dear Roy, I have a Freeware utility for Bricscad V10 Pro ... not yet published;
    it provides these comands :
    - ARX
    - Compile
    - MLine + MLEdit + MLModify + MLStyle

    I guess I will publish this initial build quite soon ... many greetings

  • Yay!

    compile shp to shx  - check

    MLine creation and editing - groovy

    ARX?  -   do you mean the ability to run ARX files in Bcad? really?

    just ... wow! (I hope that's what you mean)

  • that ARX command is like that from AutoCAD - it allows to load/unload and list ARX (in Bricscad, of course, BRX) modules, and commands defined in that module.

    As our Hans (de Backer) triggered me, I will provide this tool next week ... and it is only the initial version, I will integrate many nice tools from my old LT-Extender here.

    Many greetings to all, Torsten

  • Oh, sorry I misunderstood.

    A BRX handler is also cool.

  • Torsten,

    Did you post your utility program yet?


  • Dear All, I'm just finishing the last details for some functions, and will add a little bit documentation and an easy installer (also as Zip).

    The tool will be published in Bricscad Application catalog, but I will also place it for direct download at my website.
    The link will be published here, and I will probably add an extra forum topic here.

    So I guess, over the weekend, it should be available now (finally) - sorry for the long delay; however, that tool will be improved and extended afterwards, so this initial release is the very first version only :-)

  • Hi Torsten,  how is your utility program going? Any updates?



  • MultiLine for BricsCAD? Great! Thanks!

  • Yes, the tool is virtually ready - a few lines of documentations have to been added,
    then it will be uploaded to my website, links will be published here.

    Somewhat later, it will also be available from Bricscad Catalogue as well.

    Regarding MultiLines :
    you can draw all multilines, can create + edit styles, and especially modify multiline
    properties afterwards, which is not available in Acad at all.
    But editing multiline crossing, and all the cutting options are not yet available.
    There is no API at all for such editing, neither in DwgDirect, nor Bricscad -
    but also not in Acad !! :-)

    However, this initial release is only a starting point ... I already have many ideas
    for more functionalities, and also, the multilines will be completed ...


  • Hello, Everybody,

    now the mentioned utility BcadTools Freeware is ready in its first stage, as development continues;
    so it is really a very first version only.

    To download : (installer) (archive)

    The installer will add the application to Bricscad's Registry, so it is loaded automatically;
    if using the ZIP archive, unzip as folder, and use _APPLOAD to load BcadTools.10.brx file,
    or use Drag-&-Drop to drag that file to Bricscad command line.

    For some general informations : see or the documentation, which is
    included in installation and on website as well.

    Commands + Features :

    • MultiLine support (Mline, MlEdit, MlModi, MlStyle)
    • BattMan, BattEdit, AttSync, AttRedef
    • LayerTools (control layers by entities, incl. Restore + inverse + nested selection)
    • Arx, DxbIn, Compile

    For any feedback, wishes, bugs and so on - please email to : bcadtools [at]

    Enjoy :-)

  • Just forgot to mention - it requires Bricscad V10 Pro (at least, V10.2)

  • As I just verified - the required minimum Bricscad Pro version is V10.3;
    it works since first published V10.3.

    Sorry, I tried to downgrade to allow BcadTools to run with V10.1 or V10.2 -
    but impossible.

  • To my knowledge, there still is no way to compile shp files on Linux or Mac.
    While most of BCadTool's functionality has meanwhile been integrated into BricsCAD, and some GUI-Tools are probably depending on Windows, the shp-compiler looks portable and would still be a valuable addition.
    Any chance to see a release for Linux?

  • I noticed that blade already lists .shp-files as source... maybe I just overlooked a compile button?

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