BcadTools Freeware available for V10

Hello, Everybody,

now the mentioned utility BcadTools Freeware is ready in its first stage, as development continues;
so it is really a very first version only. It requires Bricscad V10 Pro.

To download :
www.lt-extender.com/LT-Extender/downloads/public/BcadTools%20Freeware.exe (installer)
www.lt-extender.com/LT-Extender/downloads/public/BcadTools%20Freeware.zip (archive)

The installer will add the application to Bricscad's Registry, so it is loaded automatically;
if using the ZIP archive, unzip as folder, and use _APPLOAD to load BcadTools.10.brx file,
or use Drag-&-Drop to drag that file to Bricscad command line.

For some general informations : see www.lt-extender.com or the documentation, which is
included in installation and on website as well.

Commands + Features :

  • MultiLine support (Mline, MlEdit, MlModi, MlStyle)
  • BattMan, BattEdit, AttSync, AttRedef
  • LayerTools (control layers by entities, incl. Restore + inverse + nested selection)
  • Arx, DxbIn, Compile

For any feedback, wishes, bugs and so on - please email to : bcadtools [at] lt-extender.com

Enjoy :-)



  • Nice to see again LTE icons, now in BricsCAD!


    At start 3 question:

    1/ Is possible use localized version in en_US BricsCAD? I mean, if I make sk_SK / sk - slovak.

    2/ Now is possible to draw mline, but isn't possible change it (stretch it by command or by grip). Will be available this in future?

    3/ I have LISP command for drawing own mline (definied in own_file.mln). ie. TOP continuous, MIDDLE dashdot, BOTTOM continuous. When I draw this line and DASHOT line type is not available it draw 3 continuous lines. In MLSTYLE middle line stay "empty" - without linetype and cannot be changed. Change button is available, but click do nothing.


    Thanks for this tools! You are my CADhero forever! :)

  • Dear Juraj, many thanks for the flowers :-)

    1. of course, translation is easy ... please have a look into documentation, the procedure is described there (clear enough, as I hope).
    Of course, you can use those en_US files as template, and your sk_SK will will mention you as the translator :-)

    2. Yes, unfortunately, Bricscad does not support the grips for multilines, at the moment; thus, grip edit is not yet possible
    (I already added an internal task to show the grips, not yet implemented, but I hope it will come soon);
    however, as I will implement "add" and "remove" vertex, I will also add a function "move" vertex, which might help a bit here ...
    Regardless, development especially for Multilines will be continued !

    3. Ah - yes, this can happen :-(
    I will improve linetype handling here ... at least, if the linetypes are from default.lin, it should be easy to automatically load nessecary linetypes;
    but for others, really custom linetypes, it is necessary to have them loaded by application, either by Lisp (in standard Lisp files or *.mln files);
    but of course, MLSTYLE should be able to
    - draw a continuous line instead
    - allow edit by button
    I will check this today ...

    Many greetings, and thanks for feedback !

  • 1/ Yes. I make: "BcadTools.sk_SK.cui, BcadTools.sk_SK.dll, BcadTools.sk_SK.mns, BcadTools.sk_SK.msg" as you wrote in help.

    There stay "Here, the <language> item within the filename refers to the localization version of Bricscad.".  But slovak (sk, sk_SK) version of BC not exist. At this moment it work only, if rename sk_SK to en_US.

  • Dear Juraj,
    so I will think about a way to enforce a particular language version like sk_SK,
    if that is not supported by Bricscad ...
    You can continue to use "sk_SK" file naming - I will prepare such "language override",
    and will update the downloads.

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • As I just verified - the required minimum Bricscad Pro version is V10.3;
    it works since first published V10.3.

    Sorry, I tried to downgrade to allow BcadTools to run with V10.1 or V10.2 -
    but impossible.

  • Hello, Juraj,

    I have uploaded a new build to my LT-Extender website ...
    The new build solves the 2 problems :

    • when a multiline style is loaded resp. used, the referenced normal
      linetypes are pre-loaded (when available in default.lin or iso.lin)
    • there is a language selection dialog available - to override default
      (automatic) language ... so you can translate and verify :-)

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Hello Torsten,

    Language selection works, ML check evening.




  • Hello Torsten,

    You should also have mentioned under minimum requirements that your BcadTools requires Bricscad PRO V10.3.


  • Does the trial version of Bricscad PRO with BcadTools allow loading and running of ARX?

  • Dear David,
    yes, you are right - I will ask the Bricsys Team to edit the 2 related forum threads,
    and to add the PRO suffix - thank you !

    Dear Valeriu,
    please do not misunderstand ... the ARX command will allow to load *.arx/brx/drx ...
    modules - but all the modules need to be re-compiled for Bricscad.
    Developers can name their modules as whatever.arx - but is in fact a module which
    is compiled for Bricscad.

    It is technically not possible to load *.arx modules, compiled for Acad, under Bricscad.

    I hope this clears pending misunderstandings ?

  • I've got it crystal clear, but I thought miracles can happen.

    Thank you for your support,


  • Dear Valeriu,
    indeed, we do not spend time for "miracles" ... we do the impossible things :-)
    But without a joke ... in fact, there is a kind of technology, which would allow
    to run Acad ARX modules, from technical point ...

    But, there is the legal point (each ARX compiled for Acad contains a few line of
    original Autodesk source code - from inlines, and from static functions from link
    libraries), but even the technical solution is not fail safe ...
    then, we would have an unsafe and somewhat unstable situation ...

    So we decided to go for the safe way, and have developers recompiled their apps.

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Hello Torsten,

    Was just testing the BcadTools and in my computer the Multiline Edit and Modify button opens up a dialog that were all bottons display a messague that the option is not ready yet, is this correct or is there something wrong with my installation?

    The program works really nice, thanks for sharing with us



  • Dear Jose,
    unfortunately, there is virtually no support for MultiLine "Edit" operations
    like those 12 functions on the "Edit" page of MlEdit / MlModi command dialog.

    So at this moment, all these functions are not operational ... but I'm optimistic,
    to get at least a few functions working, with coming updates of BcadTools.

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Torsten,

    I like the MLINE command in your BCad Tools. Excellent and very useful to users. Is this a custom entity created using BRX? Is this giong to be in the native Bricscad code as well sometime soon?

    Rakesh Rao
    Bangalore, India
    Get GeoTools, Work Smarter, NOT harder


  • Dear Rakesh,
    no, objects created by MLINE command are not custom objects, but original
    AcDbMline objects - otherwise, it would not be Acad comatible as well :-)

    I do not expect that MLINE and related stuff is getting native, in near time ...
    however, I strongly hope that at least grip points will be enabled by Bricscad.

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Hi Torsten,

    So, can we now say that Bricscad supports MLINE objects, but with the addition of BCAD Tools Freeware? Because, this is a question that has often been asked by our users?

    Would it be ok to bundle BCAD tools with our GeoTools during download? The BCAD tools can be very useful to Bricscad users and it would help to push it pro-actively to more users, so a combined download push to users in India would help them get both GeoTools and BCAD tools, which have a bunch of similar-in-principle productivity tools.

    Let me know.

    Rakesh Rao
    Work Smarter, NOT harder, Get GeoTools





  • Dear Rakesh,
    yes, for sure - due to License Agreement, BcadTools is real Freeware -
    no restrictions apply ... you can perfectly combine them into your package(s).

    On www.LT-Extender.com you will also find a Zip package as well, which
    makes it easier for you to integrate.

    As I mentioned before, MLine would be much better once grips and grip edit
    would be implemented at Bricscad side ... can not be done by BcadTools.

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Hello Torsten

    May I ask why it is impossible to explode these mlines in to single lines ?

    This would be VERY useful.

    I get mline drawings from customers all the time that I need to explode. Today I ahve to redraw them.

    Also why is it impossibel to snap to the lines. The info has to be there.


  • Dear Patrick,
    thanks for the hints !
    Indeed, the missing snap points are on Bricscad's ToDo list ...
    but I will add the explode functionality as well.
    Unfortunately, both can not be provided by BcadTools - it must be provided by Bricscad core itself.

    But I will care for this topic as well, and will ask Bricscad core team for more MLINE support.

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Dear Patrick,
    as I just verified, Bricscad v10.4. does explode MLines into 2D Polylines -
    which is (imho) pretty nice and better than in Acad.
    if necessary, the polylines can be exploded into simple lines in one extr step ...

    But I would guess, polylines are better here, keep dwg size more compact ...
    Which Bricscad version do you use, that MLines are not exploded ?

    Many greetings, Torsten

  • Actually 10.4.7 and it does work THX.

    Explode doesn't come up on rightclic so I assumed it still didnt work.

    Now we are closing in on all of us moving from 7.15

    :-) Cheers


  • I'm trying now v11 and when try load BCad Tools I get this:

    Loading C:\Program Files\BcadTools\BcadTools.10.brx
    : (arxload "C:/Program Files/BcadTools/BcadTools.10.brx")
    Error loading "C:\Program Files\BcadTools\BcadTools.10.brx": .
    Error loading "C:\Program Files\BcadTools\BcadTools.10.brx": .
    * (arxload) : can not LOAD file <C:\Program Files\BcadTools\BcadTools.10.brx>

    It's general problem or BcadTools.10.brx is strictly for v10 and v11 is something completely another?

  • Dear Juraj,
    yes, for V11 a new BCadTools version is necessary.
    I will provide an updated BCadTools version for V10+V11 in 1,2 days,
    and will add a note here.
    It will be published to the Application Catalogue, but also on my website
    Many greetings, Torsten

  • BcadTools package is updated to support Bricscad V11 Pro and V10 Pro.

    To download :
    http://www.lt-extender.com/LT-Extender/downloads/public/BcadTools Freeware.exe (installer)
    http://www.lt-extender.com/LT-Extender/downloads/public/BcadTools Freeware.zip (archive)

    Simply re-install into existing BcadTools application folder, or extract the files from ZIP package
    into that folder ... that's all.

    Many greetings to all, Torsten

  • Work! Thanks!

  • BcadTools Freeware is fixed and updatednow, also supports V13.

    Fixes LayerTools Copy/Move functionality, as it was reported by several users.

    Added new commands :

    XOpen (for V10, V11, V12)
    LayerP and LayerPMode
    ImageAdjust and -ImageAdjust (works in realtime, even with multiple selected images)

    Download : "http://www.lt-extender.de/LT-Extender/downloads/public/BcadTools Freeware.exe"
    from Application Store

    Greetings to All !

  • Excellent news.

    Thank you.

  •  "LayerP" and "LayCur"  - Great stuff! 

    Thanks Torsten. 

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