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Array dialogbox

I choose option ON (I hope) to all dialog boxes in option, but array is still available only from command line.

Array command haven't dialogbox?


  • Hi Juraj, I am trying BC and had the same question; I am using the last release 11.2.12.; I was looking for a dialog box -that lookslike my old ACAD 2000 LT- but I not found it ; I found the dialog box for 3d array only:  by the X-Solid menu, Tools... the box appears after the object selection, but it does not work with 2d object.


  • Hi all,

    I have the same request. It shouldn't be so difficult for our friends in BRICSYS to develop this dialog box. AutoCAD has this feature from year 2000. Come on guys...
  • I agree a dialogbox for the Array command is needed. The XARRAYR (rectangular arry) and XARRAYP (polar array) commands (Bricscad Platinum only) do work with 2D entities also. It is not possible to edit the array afterwards though.
  • Using now the V12.1-11 the _xarrayp and _xarrayr (I have the Italian version) work with 2d entity also but, with the polar array is not possible to choice if the objects will be rotated around the same or not... however to use the XARRAY 3d for 2d is not "friendly" as the easy oldest Autocad 2000 LT method.

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