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Vehicle Turning Simulations


I've developed a tool for AutoCAD that contains a Vehicle Turning Simulation.  Now I'm planning to separate the Vehicle Turning Simulation as a standalone software for Bricscad. Is a almost free Vehicle Turning Simulation of interest for the Bricsys community?

The Vehicle Turning Simulation is briefly described with some images at:



  • Looks fantastic Lars; I have been thinking about writing something like this myself for sometime but you may have just saved me the trouble.  Hope to have a proper look at it tomorrow.  Good work.

  • I'd be interested!

  • Ok, I’ve decided to develop a Bricscad version of CadTools Vehicle Turning command. I’m planning to release it in a couple of weeks or so.



  • BricsTurn (Vehicle Turning Simulations)  is now available. You'll find it here:

  • Thanks Lars, this will be a great little sanity checker.  After a quick play seems to work well.

  • Lars,

    Many thanks -- I'm still learning how to use the utility, but it seems quite useful.


  • It seems that the predefined vehicles have their dimensions in meters, is that right?  I've found that if I'm using a drawing with a U.S.  "architectural" scale (where things are in feet and inches) then as a workaround I can make a copy of the drawing, scale the whole thing down by a factor of 0.0254, and then use the standard vehicles.  Seems to work!

  • Changing the vehicle parameters X 3.048 so you don't need to scale your drawing.  No scaling of angular dimensions needed.

    Neat program!  Wish I could find the easiest method of developing a 3pt turning path.  Trial and error works though.

  • Hi, guys!

    Easiest way to use BricsTurn is to draw a polyline with arcs in the first place, you could also use the fillet to create a path of a couple of lines.

    The label (Min Turning Radius) to the right under the vehicle image gives a hint about min radius for the vehicle. After executing you can check the Turning report and try to narrow your path by using a smaller value for your radius (using fillet).


  • I've decide to change BricTurn into a freeware. If you already have installed BricsTurn please download the latest update to skip the registration process.

    Download page:

  • Hi Lars,

    Thanks for releasi BricsTurn.

    Have you considered build CadTools for Bricscad ?

  • Hi!

    Porting CadTools to Bricscad?  Yes it has crossed my mind but there is lot of work. Although I'm using the COM object there are some differences between AutoCAD and Bricscad and some of the functionality of AutoCAD is missing in Bricscads COM object. In the best of all worlds it would be a piece of cake to port a AutoCAD COM app to Bricscad but there are still a lot of coding left. I've got a couple of request on this topic so I probably give it a try again in the future.


  • Hi Lars,

    Will BricsTurn support Bricscad V11?  Do you need to recompile?  Thanks,


  • Hi!

    Yes, BricsTurn runs in Bricscad V11 as it is right now. There will be an upadate in january 2011, I've added some new things and corrected a bug. I'll post a message in this thread when it's available for download.


  • Update available for BricsTurn!

    Fixed: Minor bug, the vehicle could stop before max angle was reached.
    New: Lock to lock speed. The minimum radius is back! Now with some explanation in the helpfile
    New: Enhanced color and layer settings for output

    You'll find it here:

  • Finally the last requested feature is added to BricsTurn. Plot swept envelope is now available as an option.

    Download and update here:

  •  Hi Lars,
    Has there been any more thought given to porting your CADTools from AutoCAD to Bricscad?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
  • CADTools already works in Bricscad.  It uses late binding for all of its API calls, so as long as Bricscads COM interface matches that of Autocad there shuold be no issue.  Just install the program then open up settings and in the Autocad version Select "Manual entry".  Once you've done this, enter "BricscadApp.ACadApplication" into the edit box (without parentheses).
  • maybe in theory it is supposed to work, but I tried this and it doesn't work properly - I get some errors...
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