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render crash


I'm trying to render a 3d model of an appartment but BC returns  "(258) Redsdk API error code"

This also happens when in the materials dialog. Just by clicking in the material name.

And then, the program halts.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Are there known solutions?


nuno gouveia, from Portugal


  • Materials dialog ??? Where did you find it?


  • @ Nuno Gouveia:

    I have had the same problem. This is BC's answer to my SR:

    1. could you please switch off the setting 'RenderUsingHardware', restart Bricscad, and check if the problem persists
    2. could you please specify which graphics card and driver version you are using?

    Switching off RenderUsingHardware solved the problem for me. But this does slow things down considerably.
    You should also file a SR so that BC gets info regarding your graphics card.

    @ Patrik Sparrman: Try the Drawing Explorer (BC11).

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