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Version 2.2.0027

Bricsnet IntelliCAD version 2.2.0027 is available for download.The main fixes in this version are:- Snap to entities on locked layers- Fixed regenmode variable- Fixed: mtext command: style option did not work. - added use of language dependent licensekeys.- Fixed print preview when set colors mapping.- Fixed: Wrong color-filling of hatches & TTF text in inserts.- Fixed behaviour of colour 255: should print white on white and previewlightgrey.- added \U+2205 diameter symbol to system fonts.- use backup symbol 216(\U+00D8) in TTF when 0x2205 is not found- Fixed Extend command did not work in some cases- Fixed wrong creation of new lwpolyline (in some cases) on lwpolylinebreaking.- dimensioning dimss and dimsspos behaviour. trailing superscript zeroes are always trimmed.(german rule fornotations)- Fixed possible crash on saving drawings with deleted block(s).- Fixed possible crashes in snapping on inserts with attributesIncreased the performance of snapping to inserts- Fixed: Crash on saving drawings with hatches without namescreated via API.- FIX: (setvar "CLAYER" 0) or (setvar "CECOLOR" 1) crashed.- Fixed weakness in loading GDT font. Could crash.- "_.undo" command did behave wrongly- added checks for pop0 and pop17 visibility flags in dialog forcustomising menu visibility settings- fixed localisation problems with rightclick popups.- Double byte character enabling: toolbars and menus.- Fixed: Non-English single-byte chars are not acceptablein the names of created objects (text styles etc.)Lisp-DCL- Set_tile does now return the value which it sets to the DCL tile.- ListBox gets painted over by Dialog Box grey color which makes thelistinvisible.- Fixed: Protected Lisp file can only be read if loaded using its fullpath.- Fixed: sample.lsp/sample.dcl (files contained in & executed ICAD hangs.- Fixed: $x and $y not being passed to callbacks for image_buttons.


  • Thank you very informative and a few things I have been waiting for.Where/when can it be downloaded. (not yet)

  • where? current vwersion download still indicates .25??? So does the latest history text file!

  • Dear Luois,Is this version for commercial use ? Shall we inform customers to download ?All these fixes are long awaited by our customers.Thanks.

  • Sorry for not replying sooner (I'm not notified of replies, only new messages).Yes this is the new commercial version. Customers may be informed a new version is available for download.

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