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Where is Bricscad?

For some time you do not have more release of BricsCad. Can you give us informationabout the status of development? There are still many problems that plague thissoftware from the management of images. How are you doing? When will the next beta?


  • Any news about a new version of Bricscad Linux?

  • The Bricscad developers have become suspiciously quiet. Neither forum seems to have a lot of input from the team. Posibly due to this headline..."Bricsys Membership in ITC has Been Terminated" from the intellicad ITC website. The future may be interesting....

  • "Bricsys Membership in ITC has Been Terminated" .. That's old news, They've been free from the ITC for many moons now. Nothing suspicious, I'm sure they're being busy bees, coding up the neat new features.  



  • Also if you want communication with the Bricsys team; FILE A SUPPORT REQUEST!  These forums are for members/user communication.  Dropping unsubtle comments here is frankly growing tiring.

  • Hey, I didn't mean to step on anyones toes. The support team has traditionally been reflective on these posts-not recently. If I have a issue I use support reqest. I am a member/user with an opinion. Last time I checked that was appropriate. I have to agree with the leading post that there are issues with this release-that make it less than operational in my world, meanwhile pricing is such that it should function at least on the same level as the MS version. I have questions-this is where discussion happens.

  • I agree with James Cameron on this one. They used to come out with new releases at least once a week, and sometimes even twice in the same week, and now we don't see anything new since the 8th of December. I haven't been paying attention to the windows versions, but the one that is available right now has a greater version number than the linux one. Something strange is going on.

  • These complaints have also happened before, and then they would reply with like a 2 word answer saying "sorry weve been busy." But this is by far the longest amount of time. A little update, bricscad?


  • there is a Beta out since 04.01.11 (11.1.18-1).Why don't you check the Bricscad changelog?

    Or have a look here, there is a link to the latest beta, too.

  • I think that Bricsys have not to pay to write a post, it's free.
    I like, as a customer, to be informed of news and updates. If I have to search for information in unfamiliar places, it means that things are not right.


  • <p>I completely agree with Daniel. They have no trouble to let us know something as simple as that and read on their forum that their users would like to know, even more so now that we have paid for a license.</p>    <p>Having said that I report what Erik said long ago:</p>    <p>Important to know: WE ARE COMMITTED - WORKING ON IT - AND WILL DELIVER.There is no change in Our Priorities: The Linux project after the rewrite is our mainproject. That is Decided and will not change. We all here at Bricsys Would Have Lovedto release earlier. For now we shut up very modestly and continue the hard work.</p>    <p>Best, Erik</p>    <p>Now things are 2. Or something has changed, or they were kidnapped.</p>    <p>I hope that there is a third option: they are working hard for the next release will not haveany problem. We therefore do not have time to read through the forums and respond toour users.</p>    <p>I really hope someone is heard in both word and deed!<br />    </p>    <p>Ps: @ Armir Schmidhuber<br />    </p>    <p>Version 18, as well as being difficult to find and not well publicized as onsite also refers to the 13, only fix small problems. But the biggest problems (such as image management) remains!</p>
  • I can wait a while without news, but the story about this bug-fix version is annoying.

    The menu bug (although not  a bricscad, but WxWidgets/gtk issue) has been a show stopper for every potential new user checking out this program on a recent ubuntu system (and probably other distros as well). That a version that resolves this issue gets buried in a link in a post for an obsolete beta instead of being properly announced is nourishing the notion that things might be in disarray.

  • We are indeed working continuously on improving the LINUX version. It will be no secret to you that the LINUX flavors we support require more testing combinations of different operation system components compared to Windows. We are preparing a Bricscad LINUX Pro version. This implies that we will support ACIS modeling, and make a special version of our BRX API available. Rendering will follow. In the mean time we are working on improving the quality of our actual version. I can only repeat our commitment: for LINUX, we are here to stay and to improve quality constantly. Bricscad for LINUX will grow to the quality level of Bricscad Windows.


  • @Erik:

    Thanks for the clarifying words.

    Porting a commercial application to LINUX probably still needs much enthusiasm (so many things keep changing quickly, but real progress often seems rather slow...).

    On the other hand, the ubuntu package runs flawlessly on 10.10 and debian stable alike, that's something, given the difference in library versions.

    Just one question: once  BRX is running, can  X-solids then be ported without problems, or will this take longer? From my perspective, the ability to create 2d-drawings from 3d-models is far more important than rendering (there are enough ways to render your models on LINUX already). As long as this is not possible with the pro-version, I frankly don't see the need to purchase one, and would probably wait for platinum...


  • Erik,

    Thank you for the update. Perhaps it would be easier to package all the libraries with bricscad? That way you wouldn't have to test all the combinations and instead concentrate on providing quality cad software.


    Thanks again for the dedication,


  • Thanks to Erik and the Bricscad team for the Linux platform. I appreciate the work involved in bringing this product to the masses-I'm a Bricscad convert and have been sine V6(2005). I can also appreciate the need for a Pro version though seems a bit premature with the basic version still floundering. Some of you may have noticed the last sentence in Eriks response to our pleas for information "Bricscad for LINUX will grow to the quality level of Bricscad Windows." I understand the team needs to create a revenue stream but I can't help but query why I should remit comparable dollars to the Windows version when it's clear the Linux version doesn't measure up yet. I will continue to do production on the Windows version until the Linux platform is comparable-as a consumer I just can't shell out hard earned cash for a lesser product.

  • The developers dilemma

    Continue to support Windows > ensure revenue stream >  but have to compete in the allready crowded Windows market place > with limited growth opportunity.

                      support Linux  >  with small revenue stream > in market place with little competition > and large opportunity for growth.


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