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Easy way to synchronize default.pgp file

Time to time need BC instalation owerwrite default.pgp and default.cui.

For KEYBORAD and TOOLBARS I've created own CUI file and overwriting of file is no longer a problem.

But default.pgp I must always change manually. In AutoCAD's PGP is at end of file space for ";  -- User Defined Command Aliases --".

Does anyone know of a "clean" way to easily synchronize pgp file after owerwrite?


I try ";  -- User Defined Command Aliases --" but sometimes BC ignore it and accept only default aliases.


  • Overwriting of the pgp & cui when you are upgrading? I think the installer is supposed to give you the option of whether it overwrites or not. Better solution is to create yourself a CADlibrary and store any customisation you create there.

    e.g. create a folder called C:\CADLibrary\support. copy your pgp and cui there, and in Bricscad set your support file search path to look in this folder first. Because it is not in the default install location Bricscad upgrades will not overwrite.

  • Thanks, it's interesting idea. I try it, how it works.

    OVERWRITING: Yes, if in new version is added new command or menu modifaction, you can decide, if you want new changes or no. If yes, installation overwrites "old" CUI / PGPfiles.

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