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Best way to check status of bug report fixes?

Does Bricsys have a preferred way for users to check the actual status of fixes for bugs that they have reported? 

Three months after a report is submitted I think, "They must really be busy."  At six months when the bug status is still showing "Fix scheduled" I start to wonder if the report somehow got lost in the system.  At 12 months with no feedback and no fix I start to feel like I'm dealing with Autodesk rather than Bricsys.  I've had a couple of reports in for over 15 months that are still not addressed and that cause significant problems in my office when we go between Autocad and Bricscad.  If I knew that the bugs would never be fixed I would write code to work around them, but with a "fix scheduled" status that does not change I don't know what to do -- if I spend a day writing a work-around but a bug fix comes out next week I've wasted my time writing the work-around.

I think Bricscad is an outstanding product and Bricsys is far more responsive than Autodesk, but you reach a point where you start to feel ignored.  I don't think that that is really the case -- I think it is far more likely that there is more than enough work for your programmers and things that are deemed minor just don't get priority -- but with the current bug reporting system there are no regular status updates and there is no way to know if a bug will ever actually be fixed or not. 

I'll get off my soap box now....
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