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Mouse button click speed

In Autocad I have the right mouse button set for 'Enter'.  When I draw a selection window I can click the right mouse button [RMB] immediately after the left mouse button [LMB] click that sets the second point for selection box.  The time between the LMB and RMB is probably less than 1/10 second.  I do this hundreds of times a day.  With Bricscad I find that I have to consciously delay between the LMB and RMB or the RMB is ignored.  The needed delay seems to be almost 1/2 second.  This really slows down drawing in Bricscad relative to Autocad. 

Is there a way to speed up mouse clicks in Bricscad? 

A few thoughts about what this could be caused by include: (1) Bricscad might have an intentional delay.  (2) Autocad might use LMB down to end the selection window while Bricscad might use LMB up to end the selection window.  I know that Windows treats almost all mouse clicks as "drag and drop" which means the actual selection is on 'button up', but that is not always the best choice.  My Autocad and Bricscad installations are highly customized and use custom toolbars for most operations.  I use AutoHotKey to send an immediate LMB up after all clicks on toolbars except over flyout buttons.  This effectively locks the toolbars in place and makes the buttons activate immediately.  No more missed toolbar button selections because the mouse moved too much between LMB down and LMB up.  (3) Bricscad might be using a third party mouse module that is not well optimized.  
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