How to edit the base point of an existing block definition?


how to edit the base point of an existing block definition? I'd like to set it to another position.




  •  I had originally thought that you could use the insbase command/variable to change the location, but upon trying this in a block nothing was updated.  I think (correct me if I am wrong) that the insertion point of a block is defined at 0,0,0.  So what might work for you is moving the objects in the block (while doing a refedit) relative to 0,0,0 (or the insertion point)...
  • This works for later created references of the block but the existing items in the drawing aren't updated completely. There is an attribute named label that is still at the old place because it seems to be locked during refedit.
  • Attributes seem to be the one item which don't get updated in Refedit. It would often be helpful if they did, but it's also helpful to individually modify attributes within repetitions of a block.
  •  Ahh attributes in blocks.  I have always found them to be a headache when it comes to redefining a block, or when inserting a block from your library and answering yes to the "redefine this block" prompt.  It would be great if the save changes or yes redefine the block commands were expanded upon:

    - Yes save changes and update the attributes (which then resets all overridden attribute properties to those defined in the block)
    - Save the entity changes, don't save the attribute changes.  I usually find that when I edit a block with attributes, it is the attribute that I need to make changes to...
  • It is worth mentioning BcadTools by Torsten Moses here (
    Among the tools in this add-on are AttSynch and Battman.
    Both tools can be used to update attributes after changes to a block definition.
  • I may have missed something in all this.
    I often reasign my base point of a block by just exploding it and recreating it with same name but the required base point.
    I don't have any attributes to worry about though.
    This sounds too simple so there must be more to this than meets my untrained eyes.
  • Exploding and redefining was the way before Refedit came along and made it easier, but it doesn't do much different if there are attributes in the block. I find attributes extremely useful.
  • Just an FYI, Attributes are a different animal, they are owned by the block reference and not the block record as normal geometry is, it's the reason each attribute can have its own text content.

  • @Reinhard,

    Using the  ._BASE command can be used to change the insertion point of a block. This however won't work if you're using refedit to edit your block definition. To use base you need to wblock your block out to disk, open it, and then use base to change your insertion point. You would then use the insert command to update your block definitions on your target drawing.

    You can change the insertion point via refedit by moving the objects relative to the blocks insertion point. You could always set your UCS to the insertion point prior to refedit if you need to know your coordinates.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts

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