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Font list in style window

I have a folder for SHX fonts that contains 665 fonts.  Bricscad is only showing about 53 of the fonts in the drop-down in the style window.  What Bricscad shows seems to be a random subset.  Is there a setting that will make Bricscad show more of the SHX fonts?  The font folder is in Bricscad's path before any other folder which contains fonts.


  • 656 fonts?
    Do you really use/need all of them?

    To test whether it is a BricsCAD issue I would try creating a new folder and point BricsCAD at that for Fonts, then remove any other folders containing Fonts from your search path. Then copy < 50 .SHX fonts into it and see how BricsCAD responds. Then keep on adding more until the issue presents. If it does, then you can raise a support request with details, and to carry on working keep the number of working .SHX below your trigger point.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I've made it a practice to save every font I've been sent over the years.  I only use about eight fonts for my work, but the clients I have are not as standardized.  This question came up because I needed to change a style in an architect's drawing from helv.shx to helv-ms.shx.  helv-ms.shx is in the fonts folder, but Bricscad does not see it.  Bricscad does seem to show all the truetype fonts that are installed, but I seldom use truetype fonts.  I also find it interesting that Bricscad shows shx fonts first, then truetype fonts.  Autocad has the fonts intermixed in alphabetic order.

    Keeping the number of fonts limited will be very difficult -- I work with over a dozen architectural firms, and between them they use well over 50 fonts just in their title blocks.  A fair number of them have also changed the font for their "standard" style and all their text uses the "standard" style.
  •  I've noticed the same thing for some time, now, and I have the same problem!  Although the list of fonts in BricsCad Explorer doesn't show all the fonts, you can still use the unlisted fonts if you specifiy the font name on the command line - you just have to now the specific font name and type it correctly, using the "-STYLE" command.
  • After applying a fix for SR37111 in V13.1.10, .SHX files using the 'shape' specifier in their header, were no longer accepted as fonts.         The filtering system has been adjusted to be less strict. We are preparing V13.1.15 which will contain this fix.
    We apologize for this inconvenience.     

  • I am having trouble with fonts again in V13.1.16.  A file I received from an architect uses font OR-LD.SHX.  From what I can tell this is an Autocad release 10 font.  The font is in a folder which is in the Bricscad search path but Bricscad does not include this font in the drop-down in the Style window.  Autocad 2010 finds the font with no problem.  In the same file I am also seeing the following substitutions.  All of the specified fonts are enisting in a folder on the search path.

    Substituting font "ISOCP2.SHX" by font "isocp.shx"
    Substituting font "ISOCP3.SHX" by font "isocp.shx"
    Substituting font "ISOCT.SHX" by font "isocp.shx"
    Substituting font "ISOCT2.SHX" by font "isocp.shx"
    Substituting font "ISOCT3.SHX" by font "isocp.shx"
    Substituting font "MSIMPLEX.SHX" by font "simplex.shx

    I do not have V13.1.15 installed so I cannot tell if this is a regression or is something different from the problem with SR37111. 
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