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How to revert original colors for one of many Xrefs?

How to revert original colors and other layer properties to Xrefs. But for only one Xref of many Xrefs...

VISRETAIN OFF - Reload needed one Xref - VISRETAIN ON

Or is another easier way?


  • Hi Juraj,

    try turning _VISRETAIN _OFF, then in the drawing explorer right click on the Xref you want to revert to original, then select reload. This should reset that specific xref back to the original settings. Remember to turn visretain back on afterwards! Perhaps capture your layerstate as a precaution.

    It would be reasonably easy to create a LISP routine to automate this. Perhaps someone has already created one.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts

  • Thanks for answer. That's what I'm wrote at penultimate line.
    If you see the same, it's only way how to do this. ;) Thanks once again.
  • Sorry Juraj,

    misread your post. Not aware of a native command BricsCAD command that does this. You can use _-XREF to run from the command line _reload from here allows wild card input, so if you have a naming convention you could reload several xrefs at once.

    Some LISP would be the way to go. If I get some time will post something up to do this.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts

  • Do not write anything for me. ;) Thanks again for your willingness. Time is precious.
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