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Apple Magic Mouse

Have someone experience with Apple Magic Mouse. How work zoom/pan in BricsCAD. I'm thinking about buying MacBook Pro and using BricsCad over Paralles. Apple Magic Mouse is nice, but I'm if and how is useable in CAD. Or is better "old good" wheel?


  • Be careful with buying a Retina version as I wasn't able to get BC work properly in Parallels (v8). When drawing lines for example, the dynamic input (dimensions and the rubber band) are not displayed correctly.

    If somebody does know a solution this would be most welcome.

    When using Bootcamp the icons will be *very* small...

  • As I understand, you have Mac. I'm exactly thinking about buying Retina display (maybe 50/50 to "classic display"), but this, what you wrote is exactly about what I'm thinking. HiRes must gave very small aplication, which aren't optimised for Retina and in this case WinApps logically aren't.

    Experience with Apple Magic Mouse?

    Thanks, indeed for your comment. This is right things, what I want know before I've buy Mac... BC not work correctly under P8? I'm not use dynamic input, at real, when I found SHIFT+F2 shortcut, using also command line very rarely.
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