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Lisp routine for section/profile

Hi all,

does anybody have a lisp which fetches height-values from 3dpoly, 3dface, points along a polyline and draws an annotated profile/section with configurable scale?

Would be awesome to get any feedback.

Best wishes from Bamako



  • Hello Sebastian,

    If you would like to use a third party tools, there is GeoTools for BricsCAD which does exactly what you need:

    Interesting to hear that you are from Bamako, Mali. We have 2 companies using GeoTools in Mali.

    Best Regards
    Rakesh Rao

  • Hi Rakesh,

    I have tried your utilities which look great btw and seem to give an unlikely value in return, but unfortunately I stumbled over triangulation with error codes in the beginning and the dropped the tools for Kitox.

    Anyhow I am looking for a freely available script.

    Best wishes and best of business to you


  • Hello Sebastian,

    Thank you for your honest feedback. Is it possible that you can tell me what went wrong with your evaluation.

    If there is something that we can fix, I would appreciate to know about it.

    You can email me if you prefer...

    Best Regards
    Rakesh Rao
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