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Disable RTWALK mouse shortcut

Is possible to disable RTWALK, especially ALT+LEFT MOUSE shortcut? I look into CUI or Options and can't found this... I use BricsCAD over Parallels with MagicMouse and this shotcut is in conflict with ALT+LEFT MOUSE as middle click.


  • I can't check this (RTWALK is not implemented on Linux), but the documentation gives no hint, so I bet this behavior is hardcoded - which is a very bad idea.
    It should at least be possible to turn this functionality off (via CTRLMOUSE), but the best solution would IMO be to make mouse button binding completely configurable.

    Maybe you should file a SR - I did so when V13 (initially) broke other aspects of mouse customization, which have consequently been restored.
  •  Thanks, for hint, but CTRLMOUSE OFF haven't affect to that.
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