Copy/paste in block editing , properties filter and rightclick mouse

Copy/paste when editing a block does not work.
Properties filter works...slow, and easy to make a mistake combined with rightclick.

Rightclick repeats a command, other cad apps have a context menu under the right button.
Dies bricscad Pro allow a context menu under rightclick?

Video performance: good.

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  • Stefaan it is generally not a good idea to address multiple (5!) topics in one forum post.
    Regarding your context menu issue: Take a look at the SHORTCUTMENU variable in the _SETTINGS.
  • And once you've enabled context menus, use the Customize window to put any command you want in any of the 3 context menus.

    For block editing, there is an alternative method, using the excellent lisp program posted on this forum by Yaacov Lazar. With that method you enter "KK", then select the block and it's automatically exploded wherever you click next (in an empty space to the side). Then you edit it there, using any commands you want, including copying from any other source and pasting into the block. When done you select all the elements of the block with a selection window, and enter "BK" to redefine the block.
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