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export controls- collada/dae

Hi there,

first of all, i have to say, you guys did a great job. After lurking arround BRICSCAD for quite a while, V14 finally got me in. Having tested the previous versions, it feels very professional to use and there is more than one command, that is more convenient to use imho than in AutoCad. I've been using AutoCad since Version 2004, and it's still got its advantages, but you are on a great way (not to mention the budget-friendliness of bricscad). 

What brings me here are export formats: Is there a way to control the export behavior? Specifically how solids, layers and blocks will be represented in the export format, as triangulation looks very good from what i've seen so far. 

My workflow at the company currently involves AutoCad and 3dsMax, which are marvellously integrated with each other. As pricing is an issue for my small business use, I'm currently looking for an alternative, possibly via Collada/DAE to Cinema4D. It would be great to have some hierarchial representation in the exported file (maybe Solids to polygonal objects/nodes, layers to materials, blocks/groups to grouped objects?). Maybe it's already in there, and I'm just missing it during import. 

Looking forward to any advice.



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