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Annotative: Confusing issue when ANNOALLVISIBLE=ON.

I have 2 text entities with the same height.
Both entities are switched to annotative and receive a single anno scale.
For one entity the anno scale is 1:1 for the other it is 1:5.
I decide to add an anno scale to each entity so that both have the 1:1 and 1:5 scales.
Note: the entities are changed separately.

ANNOALLVISIBLE=ON and I switch the CANNOSCALE to 1:10.
The text entities appear differently now.
Both text entities appear with the anno scale that was first attached to them.
This means that one text appears smaller than the other.

Using the ANNORESET command the order of the anno scales attached to entities is also changed.
So this might be used. But the order of the list then depends on the CANNOSCALE.
If the CANNOSCALE 1:1 that scale will be the first in the list attached to the entities.

Am I missing something, is this by design or is this a bug?


  • When Autodesk introduced this feature, I had a short look at the documentation - a very short look, since after 10 minutes or so I reached the conclusion that they must be crazy to introduce such a complex solution to such a simple problem. I hoped that Bricsys would never follow them here, but well, they did (maybe they have to).
    If even you seem to have to fight with that stuff now, what about the average user...
  • I have an mtext entity which springs back to its original width when I close the file, after changing its width.

    Maybe it happens with all mtext, haven't got that far, but maybe it has something to do with this new feature whose purpose or settings I can't understand.

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