Bitmaps inserted on dwg are rotated on print

 The title field contains several bitmaps.
In model or layout mode, these bitmaps look good.
But as soon the dwg is printed on paper or pdf format, then  most bitmaps are 180° rotated.

If I make a block of the title field, then a print is good.

Conclusion : bitmaps behave strange when just inserted as bitmap in the dwg.
Pasted as block fixes the problem  or when the insterted bitmap is part of a block.

Bricscad V14
Windows XP32 bit, old ati firegl 7200 video card
Dual core Intel 2,4Ghz
4GB ram, 3.2GB in use.


  • This user forum is for user-to-user communication.
    The post below sounds like you want to report a problem to the BricCAD development team: to do so, please file a support request and attach the drawing and the related bitmaps, we will be glad to investigate the issue and provide a solution.

    Best regards
  • HI there
    For me ,i ususlly process the Bitmap using this Bitmap tool.It supports to easily open bitmap image file from local disks or HTTP server, convert bitmap to other image file formats and save edited bitmap image from C#.NET class application to their computers.They offer a free trial package for new users.You can have a try.
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