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How to set xref defaults

 Does anyone know the variable to preset the xref types and path type?

In acad this is:

0 = Attach
1 = Overlay

Also how to set the default path to RELATIVE rather than FULL

The default xref dialogue pulls them in as ATTACH and FULL
but I always use OVERLAY and RELATIVE
Be nice if I could set them as default

Cheers in advance



  • Anyone know how to do this?
  • Hi Liam,

    Indeed the system variable XREFTYPE seems to have been overlooked in BricsCAD. I would raise a support request on this.

    A work around to this would be to create an xref overlay command using LISP, such as the following:
    [code](defun C:XOT ( / fnm ip)
        (setq fnm (getfiled "Select Xref to Overlay" "" "dwg" 136))
        (if fnm
                    (setq ip (if (setq ip (getpoint "\nSelect point/: ")) ip '(0.0 0.0 0.0)))
                    (command "._-XREF" "_OVERLAY" fnm ip)
            (princ "\nNo file selected")

    In regards to xref path defaults, this is a little more problematic. The Relative path option can't be used if the drawing has not been saved for the first time, or if the relative path can't be built. e.g. the xref is on a different drive to the source drawing. I guess you would need a system variable that declared your preferred option, BricsCAD uses if valid, reverts to default otherwise. Again you would need to raise a support request on this feature.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts
  •  Sorry for the slow response Jason, been out of cad for a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the quick fix, I'll get that underway today.  Tickets submitted for the xref functionality to be added.

  •  I've not set up the lisp you wrote yet but thanks for that Jason, busy in 12d atm and not much in cad.

    The relative / full issue is already fixed and hopefully in the next issue.  The xref type has been scheduled
  • This problem isn't solved yet, i really would like to use XREFTYPE because i allways want to use Overlay instead of Attach

  • 1 workaround is using the LISP routine X2O that is available on the internet.
    See for instance :

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