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eTransmit not including *.pc3 files

Well the title says it all. my pc3 files are in the default location, but when I run an eTransmit, the pc3 files are not available.

Probably not a big issue as most people I would send the drawings to would not have the same printer and therefore the pc3 file would not help.

But just annoying to see the big yellow triangle when it can't find the file.



  • Hi Dan,

    you're right, .PC3 files aren't included with _ETRANSMIT. I would raise a support request and request this feature is added. PC3 files contain specific information regarding the particular printer, so they aren't very transportable. Even if the recipient has the exact same printer, it highly unlikely to have the same network path.

    I believe you can work around by creating your own PC3 of the same name, and point it instead to your own printer. Has to have the same paper options of course.

    In the old days you had pcp & pc2 files, which were much easier to work with, as they were simple text files.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts
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