STRACK tracking in weird angles

sometimes I have problems with STRACK tracking under angles, which I didn't set-up. I have STRACK set-up to track only 90 degrees increment. This works well, but sometimes other angles show up. They are always in pairs and are usually something close to 5 and 185 degrees. Sometimes it's 95 and 275 degrees.
See attached screenshots. You can also see my STRACK setup. I have only 90 degree angle set-up, no realitve tracking and additional polar tracking angles disabled.
Is this a bug? Did anyone report it yet? Or am I getting something wrong in my setup?



  •  I am seeing this in the windows version and have just sent in a support request... 
  •  I am seeing this in the windows version and have just sent in a support request... 

    Hi Scott, thanks for confirming the issue and filing SR. Could you post to SR (if you haven't already) that this bug occurs on linux too, so that Bricsys crew knows that it's not platform specific.
    Let us updated about the SR.

  • As I look a bit closer, this appears to be a slightly different issue, it appears that your system is tracking from the last hovered over snap point to your current cursor location.  I can see odd angles showing up if you have hovered over two points, a tracking path is created between the two points and this tracking path may not conform to the angles set in POLARADDANG or POLARANG.  In my opinion, this can be a handy feature, but it would be great if you had to hold down shift or some other key to make it happen, it can be troublesome if you are trying to use stracking to line up a couple entities that are just slightly off of one of your polar angles.  If you had to hold shift to make this additional line come up you wouldn't have to worry about it until you needed the feature.

  • Hello Scott,
    I guess your analysis is correct, but the functionality you wish for - as far as  I understand - has already been implemented with the introduction of  polar tracking: if the 4th bit of POLARMODE is set, you have to press shift to acquire additional tracking points.
    That said, I have to add that I never liked using this feature, and am eagerly awaiting the implementation of snap track locking on linux...

  • Hi,
    now I am a bit lost.
    My problem is, that Bricscad sometimeis tracks from a point (which I have selected as temporary tracking point by hovering over it) in weir angles, which are not set in Snap tracking nor in Polar tracking. So i guess this is a bug and I should report it, is that correct? The angle seems to have something to do with the last selected entity - see attached picture (notice I am selecting the forst point of line) - but I am not completely sure of it.

  • Oh,
    the last picture I uploaded is wrong, it should be this:
  • OK,
    so one of the developers confirmed the bahaviour. When STRACK is on, Bricscad tracks from tracking point to last selected point. Seems it could be useful sometimes, but sometimes it gets in my way and there's no option to disable it (only to turn STRACK off) .

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