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wireframe solid selection

 Hi there,

if im working in 3d wireframe mode, the only option to select overlapping solids seems to be cycling through the entities using the shift+space combination. is there a way to prevent bricscad from selecting solids/faces and pick entities by the edges you pick, just like autocad would do (sorry for bringing that up..)?

i tried playing arround with the selectionpreview variable, but didnt get any results..


  • The PREVIEWTOPDOWN setting controls if edges, faces or the entire solid will be selected first/last while cycling through them.
    Shortly pressing the Shift and Ctrl keys simultaneously is the fastest way to toggle the PREVIEWTOPDOWN setting.
    It may also be helpful to know that the TAB key can be used to cycle through selection candidates (instead of the more cumbersome shift + space combination)
  •  thanks alot. my workflow was really limping because of me stumbling arround my drawings..
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